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Joe Barden Pickups
  • Joe Barden Pickups
    - Joe Barden Pickup Engineering has designed some of the finest pickups in the music industry.
Wooden Wizard Guitars
  • Wooden Wizard Guitars
    - Wooden Wizard Guitars is a Fender authorized gold level service center and has been since 1993. They are also authorized by Buzz Fieten system for electric guitars. Wooden Wizard Guitars is a full service guitar shop that is equipped to perform repairs and build custom instruments. Vinny's good friend and repairman supreme, Larry Smoak, owns and operates.
Eric Weinberg
  • Eric Weinberg
    - This versatile singer/songwriter has performed across the country and across the ocean. Every time he steps behind a microphone Eric Weinberg offers up music and lyrics that touch the mind and embed in the heart.
Kevin McKendree
  • Kevin McKendree
    - A self-taught student of both guitar and piano, Kevin McKendree gained notice in the late '80s, backing touring blues acts as they made their way through the Washington D.C. area.
Vinnie Simonette
  • Vinnie Simonette
    - As a gifted bass player Vinnie Simonette can handle any tune thrown at him, harmonizing with bass lines neither too strong nor too weak, but just right.
  • Burgess Audio Systems
    - Established in 1985 BAS has the experience and desire to assist in making your next event as smooth as possible. With our low-overhead, diverse services and professional staff, BAS offers you convenience and value.
Cleveland Wehle
  • Cleveland Wehle
    - Influenced by soul, funk, jazz and classical, Cleveland Wehle channels his music through a wide variety of instruments, superb guest musicians and creative use of his studio.


Vincent Roth
Songwriter & Guitar player
Available for guitar lessons and recording sessions
Genre in all music styles especially rock, blues and funk
PH: 703-772-0840